Tyre Glider

The Tyre Glider is finally here!  Today marks the official launch of an exciting and innovative new product to have hit the cycling world for years! The brainchild of inventor and director Kevin Baker, the product was created from Kevin’s own frustrations when having to change bicycle tyres following a puncture.

Realising that this could be a shared frustration with fellow cyclists and bike enthusiasts, Kevin set on his journey to improve the process of changing tyres so that it would become easier and painless.  Essentially this new invention is an evolution of the tyre lever if you like. Hand held and weighing just 23 grams, it’s the ideal companion for when that inevitable moment of a puncture arrives! The tool that fits all tyre widths and is safe for all types of rims. Although its design is lightweight and small it certainly does not compromise on strength and integrity.

The team at Ingenuous worked tirelessly with Kevin and the Tyre glider team over the past 12 months to ensure that a quality website was delivered. We are please and honoured to have been part of the journey and we wish Kevin & his team the very best in this exciting an innovative adventure.

For more information on the launch of Tyre Glider, keep in touch by visiting our website.